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March 15, 2016

COMO The Treasury has injected new life and luxury into Perth’s historic 19th century state buildings. The heritage site has been lovingly restored and designed by acclaimed Architect Kerry Hill to create a modern, fresh and effortlessly luxurious space that beautifully compliments the existing history, while still ensuing a sense of restfulness to its visitors.  The boutique hotel boasts two restaurants; Post and Wildflower and world renowned wellness retreat COMO Shambhala spa.  I was privileged to be taken on a tour of the new precinct and treated to a morning of serenity and utter relaxation at COMO Shambhala followed by an exquisite lunch at Post.

The_Essentialist_Blog_Como_The_Treasury10The_Essentialist_Blog_Como_The_Treasury9The_Essentialist_Blog_Como_The_Treasury12COMO Shambhala

COMO Shambhala “advocates proactive holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing.” The wellness retreat provides a range of different spa therapies each designed to both invigorate and instill tranquility to its visitors. You experience this the minute you walk down the dimly lit corridor, the air is filled with the most beautiful aromas and you instantly succumb to a state of relaxation.

I had the opportunity to experience their beautiful and nurturing 75 minute full body COMO Shambhala massage, designed to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body – exactly what the doctor ordered! Not only was it one of the most incredible massages I have ever had but it was also quite emotional, as it took me back to my childhood.

The_Essentialist_Blog_Como_The_Treasury11COMO Shambhala create their own range of essential oils and during my massage they used their signature Harmony blend, which is made from the Ylang Ylang flower, which also happens to grow on my home island of Mauritius. As soon as the oil started to diffuse in the air, its incredible aromatic smell took me back to my childhood visits at the the Ylang Ylang distillery in the South East of the island. We would visit the distillery several times a year so that my mother could buy the treasured essential oil. Lucky for me COMO Shambhala sell their beautiful range of bodycare, essential oils and massage oils at the spa, so I was able to take some Harmony home with me.

Needless to say these happy memories combined with the skill of the therapists and overall atmosphere created by COMO Shambhala made for a very special experience. And if that wasn’t enough once your treatment is finished, you have a delicious homemade honey, ginger and lemon tea and healthy treat waiting for you. If you are looking to treat a loved one, a spa voucher for COMO Shambhala is a beautiful idea – friends and family you now know what to get me!



Post is named after its location, the franking room of the original Perth General Post Office in the State Buildings and is the hotel’s official restaurant. However you will be pleased to know that it is open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week! You are spoilt for choice at Post with two menus, one that reflects its modern Australian bistro cuisine overseen by Head Chef Kim Brennan and one that presents healthy classics by  COMO Shambhala Cuisine.


The food is crisp, light and fresh much like the beautiful interiors and the entire experience was absolutely exquisite. No wonder Post has already received an Australian Good Food and Travel Guide Chef Hat Award. My suggestion is to start off with one of their invigorating fruit juices or a glass of wine – they have a beautiful selection – while you try to decide what to choose from the menu.

I invited Mr. P along on the condition that he had to choose a pescaterian dish. He had the special of the day which was a delectable crusted mackerel with roasted capsicum, and I had a main from the COMO Shambhala menu; the spiced pumpkin and chickpea curry accompanied with Andean quinoa grains and citrus salad. It was packed with beautiful flavours and textures but was surprisingly light and the citrus salad was a wonderful fresh addition. For dessert we shared my favourite; vanilla crème brûlée with macerated plums, peanut nougatine and yoghurt lemon sorbet – all I can say is words and photos don’t do these dishes justice, you need to try it for yourself!


COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

Following on from COMO Shambhala’s ethos for holistic wellness, the centre now also offers blends of yoga, clinical pilates and fitness “offering urban clients a way to proactively look at their health and wellbeing” seven days a week. I’ve recently started yoga again after a long break, and I can’t wait to try their Vinyasa class. The timetable for their classes can be found here.

Como_Shambhala_PerthYoga image courtesy of Como Shambhala.

Thank you so much to the team at COMO The Treasury and the lovely Lucy for such a beautiful experience, I cannot wait to come back again. Xx Nadine.

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