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October 14, 2016

Growing up in Mauritius meant that I spent the most part of my childhood and adolescence being active, on the beach or in the water. You would assume that living 10 minutes away from the beach in Perth I would have a similar lifestyle, but sadly for lack of motivation, time and bad weather I just haven’t had the same connection with the coastline. However, Perth did grace us with a few sunny days these last few weeks and I took the opportunity to catch some rays and find thirty! I had forgotten just how reenergising it is to be at the beach and how easy it is to incorporate exercise into this lifestyle, so with summer now fast approaching I have decided that the coastline is going to be my new workout area!

kamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog6You might remember my road to wellness and a healthier lifestyle started earlier this year – see here. It seems fitting that while I embark on the next stage of my wellness journey that I collaborate with the lovely ladies at Kamuka again. This time, it’s to celebrate the launch of their Spring Summer collection, I am always so drawn to their designs because of the creativity and thought that goes into creating each one of their prints.

This collection, as most of their others, was inspired by nature and Founder Sarah Puckeridge’s experiences and own artistic talent. Puckeridge actually handpainted the design for their Mercury print “one rainy Sunday afternoon whilst listening to Xavier Rudd I was playing around with different paints, adding water and it sort of just happened. It’s amazing the things that come to life when you allow yourself to just go with the flow.” Some of the prints come to life this way, but some are engineered specifically “I’ll have talented illustrators draw beautiful flowers, or use photographs I find from old trips I love collaborating on designs, so it’s important to me to work with other people and I find that this is where the magic happens.”

kamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog7When I saw the new collection I was so excited to see that they had such a variety of prints, from bright and playful micro prints to moody and bold digital photographs, it seemed like there was a print for every step into summer. I was however instantly drawn to the Dark Romance print – as seen in the photos, I think it has something to do with my love affair with pink, the incredible colour combination and the exquisite floral illustrations. It feels rather special knowing that you are wearing a work of art whilst working out, and if you know me well then you will know how much I love wearing art! This season Kamuka have also introduced a new design for their crop top, they wanted to create something that was a bit more strappy and summery. Their design still incorporates that sporty style but is more refined almost reminiscent of swimwear for a sleek fit. Discover the new collection here.

kamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog-Four ways to make the most of the beach and get a workout

1. Coastline walks – Switch coffee dates and long brunches with coastline powerwalks with friends. Not only is it a good way to save money, but you get to socialise and exercise at the same time! This weekend I met up with a friend at Yelo in Trig, we got take-away juices and chatted as we walked up and down the coast. It hardly felt like a workout but I got quality time with a friend and close to 10,000 steps!

kamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog52. Beachside Yoga – As the warmer weather draws closer, beachside yoga classes will start again! From reengergising morning classes to relaxing sunset salutations, I’ll be mixing these in with my weekly ying classes. Last year Lululemon ran free sunset yoga classes, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for their summer events.

kamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog93. Perth Running Club – For those that know me well will know that I am not a runner! I used to be quite the sprinter back in the day but long distances were never my forte. However this is something I’ve been wanting to work on for while, so I was very excited to see that the Perth Running Club has a 4 week “Learn to Run” course. If you enjoy running, PRC has regular meet-ups and with the weather getting better no doubt they will have a seaside run schedule.

kamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog84. After work beach strolls and a cheeky sunset drink – Instead of driving home and hitting the couch or the laptop – in my case, I think I’m going to try leave work a little earlier every day and go directly to the beach have a stroll to unwind and reward myself with a beautiful sunset and perhaps a cheeky drink at Odyssea – their peach bellinis are amazing!

odyssea-beach-cafe-the-essentialist-blogkamuka-active-wear-the-essentialist-blog2Wearing Dark Romance full-length tights and essential crop top by Kamuka

If you think it’s odd that I haven’t mentioned anything about incorporating swimming into my coastal workout it’s because I sadly don’t swim in Perth unless it’s 40 degrees. Growing up in Mauritius means that I am used to having wonderfully warm water and Perth’s water is simply too cold for me! If you have any beachside workout recommendations, I would love to hear them. Xx Nadine

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