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April 20, 2016

Those who know me will agree that I love food and the social aspect of entertaining but that I despise the cooking process, and sadly Mr.P feels the same. It’s time consuming, repetitive – for us as we stick to what we know is easy and tasty, and doing the dishes after all that is the ultimate chore! All in all I am the perfect target market for delivery meal businesses but being a pescatarian means there are very few options available for my lifestyle.

the-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthythe-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthyThis was until my friend Carma told me about her vegetarian friend’s new business Wholistically Healthy, a vegan and vegetarian home delivery meal service based on the Ayurveda practice. “Ayurveda literally translated means the science of life. The belief is that our mind and body must live in harmony together in order to achieve balance. You must have a healthy body, to have a healthy mind, and to have a healthy mind, you must have a healthy body” says Renee, founder of Wholistically Healthy.

Renee became very passionate about Ayurveda after years of searching for something to help her find balance, she moved to India and spent the best of three years in the Himalayas studying and working in her now husband’s restaurant. “Ayurveda is so simplistic in its message, using food and herbs – that are right for you. Cleaning out your body through thorough detox, refuel it with herbs and food that lighten your mind – according to your body/mind type.”

the-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthythe-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthythe-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthyThe idea of creating Wholistically Healthy was a natural progression for Renee, she wanted to share this new found passion and help change the way we think of food. Her menu is designed for all aspects of our busy lives including main meals for dinners and lunches, salads for days on the go and tasty snacks that don’t make you feel sluggish or guilty. I was lucky enough to try a range of her beautiful meals and have fallen in love. I may sound like a bit of a hippie when I say this but it was a bit of an awaking for me, I haven’t treated my body very well over the last year and consistently having wholesome, healthy and varied food nourished both my body and soul! Renee says “Wholistically Healthy means just that: A wholistic approach to health. Nourishing and nurturing yourself, starting with the use of whole foods, this is the beginning to wholeness. The ethos is this: Be kind to yourself, love yourself, no matter how hard life gets.”

The menu rotates on a monthly basis, keeping the selection fresh and interesting. A few of my favourites included the Eggplant Involtini, Pumpkin, Corn and Thyme Filo, Vegetable Sabzi, Pumpkin, Beet and Feta salad and the Banana and Walnut Cake. I asked Renee how she finds the inspiration for her recipes and she says that it’s all about experimentation “I love to try different flavours, see how they match with each other”. She uses premium produce, like vegetables from Freshcorp Farms and says “local fresh produce is key for us.” This is very apparent when you taste the food, the quality and taste of the vegetables and spices are far more intense in flavour and texture than your regular supermarket bought veggies. Read more about how Wholistically Healthy works here.

the-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthythe-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthythe-essentialist-blog-whollistically-healthy14Renee says the best way to describe Wholistically Healthy is “from my heart” the food she cooks is made with love, the best possible produce and feels like a beautiful home cooked meal that a friend has prepared for you. The whole ethos of her business and her passion transpires in her beautifully made food and certainly makes you think that this is more than just something you eat. Be sure to follow Wholistically Healthy on Instagram and be inspired by their incredible food! As I am writing this I am in Melbourne for work, and the one consolation about coming back to Perth – other than seeing Mr.P and my fur babies is that I will have some beautiful homemade meals waiting for me!

Xx Nadine

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  • Reply Carma Levene April 27, 2016 at 3:53 am

    Delicious Nadine! And great photos – you made these meals look as delicious are they are!

    • Reply admin May 1, 2016 at 11:37 am

      Thank you so much Carma! They were indeed delicious <3

  • Reply Insider - Interview with CoFounder Sarah - Kamuka November 10, 2016 at 2:39 am

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