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May 29, 2018

My love for vintage dates back to my teens, I used to rummage through my mother’s second wardrobe and special trunk, where she kept all her vintage clothing – some dating back to the late 70s. I loved that every piece she kept had a story or memory and that these pieces stood the test of time and were easily adaptable and wearable in a modern wardrobe.

My mother taught me from a very young age to appreciate good quality products and craftsmanship and to always care for what you have. All these lessons helped shape my belief in shopping responsibly, smartly and giving your wardrobe as much longevity as possible.

I can’t quite remember when my love for Chanel and designer products, in general, came to be, but it must have been by flicking through my mother’s fashion magazines. Once I was finally working and had some disposable income, I decided it was time to start collecting a few classic and timeless pieces that I knew I could wear for the next 40 years and that with care, would last that long.

I quickly realised that I was not going to be able to afford these luxury items brand new. As I was already predominantly buying vintage and second-hand items, I decided to broaden my scope and look specifically for vintage and pre-loved luxury sellers. My research took me to eBay, Etsy and slowly I discovered smaller more reliable and curated online boutiques that specialised in vintage designer goods, and so I started to collect a few pieces – that I still own and wear today.


Introducing Hawkeye Vintage, born out of a love of all things vintage, Danielle Goodwin founded the online store in 2012. Her hobby of collecting pre-loved and second-hand designer pieces from around the world quickly turned to fabulous hoarding, and naturally progressed into the online vintage designer store it is today. If you are wondering about the name, Hawkeye is an endearing nickname Danielle’s mother gave her, which “represents her very particular eye for detail and her ability to find those hidden gems.” These traits are very apparent when you browse through the incredible collection of luxury designer bags and accessories on the website. From Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier to Hermes, luxury lovers get your credit cards ready!

You can shop here or if you would like to see the pieces in person, Hawkeye Vintage is coming to Perth for two days. The details can be found at the bottom of the post or on the event page here. Ahead of Danielle’s Perth arrival, I asked her a few questions about her love for vintage and the future of the pre-loved industry.

When did you start collecting vintage designer items and how did this passion come about?

I first started collecting items when I was about 15, My mother collects french antiques and my sister is into traditional English style baking, I took on the fashion side of things, it’s in my blood!

Can you tell me how Hawkeye Vintage came to be?

I was a collector and hoarder! My collection grew from my room to the house to storage units, until one day my mum said it’s out of control, you need to open a shop!

What do you love most about collecting vintage designer pieces?

The thrill of the find and the chic style and quality of the workmanship that goes into beautiful pieces.

What is your most treasured find?

A Chanel Gripoix belt from the early 80’s I found at an antique market for $250 but is worth $3000!


There is still sometimes a bit of a stigma attached to buying pre-loved items, how do you think we can change that mentality?

It’s all about education and knowing what you’re buying, it’s sustainable fashion, slow fashion and a style that just last forever and comes back over and over! If you cant afford it new, why not get it at a reduced price but still look as chic and on trend as if you just walked out of a Chanel boutique.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the fashion industry’s bad practices and are looking for options to shop more responsibly and sustainably, what are your thoughts on this topic?

I think that buying pre-loved and vintage is a great alternative option to buying fast fashion and especially fakes! The quality and style as mentioned, just last forever and if you have an appreciation for luxury goods and the workmanship you just can’t go wrong.


I am wearing a beautiful Chanel 2.55 Double Flap Bag and a Chanel brooch (similar here).

Details for the remaining Sales:

Perth: Friday, 1 June & Saturday, 2 June

Sydney: Friday, 29 June & Saturday, 30 June

New Zealand: Friday, 20 July & Saturday, 21 July

Xx Nadine

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