Five Minutes with Senskins

January 7, 2016

I decided about two years ago that I would try stop buying fast fashion and start investing in a classic and timeless wardrobe. And so I started collecting pieces by local and independent retailers who share the same social and environmental ethos as I do. About a year ago I met Kezia Soedjono at a fashion show and absolutely fell in love with the wide legged culottes she was wearing. When I asked her where she got them from and she said she had made then herself. At the time she was a Fashion Design student at Curtin and fast forward a year she has started her own label SENSKINS.senskins6The name SENSKINS is derived from “a combination between ‘Sense’ and ‘Skin’, where our tactile senses have been described to be more dominant over the sense of sight in our experience and perception of the world around us.” The Perth based label create beautiful timeless garments with a fresh and modern aesthetic through “the integration of unique textures, fabric manipulation and a distinctive silhouette.”

The label “focuses on relationship between the sense of vision and sense of touch, and how our perception of garments can be manipulated through different tactile stimulations.” A lot of time and experimentation has gone into discovering unique ways to add volume to garments and create interesting textures. SENSKINS garments are all handmade with care and attention to detail, “we believe in respecting each garment with good quality materials and stitching details, and most importantly to work for our passion and not to rush everything.” Kezia says she is particularly proud of how the Cigarette Pleats in Lashing of Lace top turned out – see below, the top features a lot of intricate detailing including shoulder embroidery and a range of pleats which add interesting volume to the top.

senskins5In a world where everything is mass produced and the garments we wear have no identity of their own, independent labels like SENSKINS make the quest for something unique and special a lot more accessible and exciting – and wouldn’t you prefer to support a local creative than a multinational retailer?

Although I love each and every piece of the collection because they are all so unique, I must admit my favourite would have to be the Stand Straight Trouser. A classic fluid wide legged trouser with a SENSKINS twist, an elegant front flap which will be a wardrobe favourite for years to come! The limited edition collection can be shopped online here.the_essentialist_blog_senskins.2the_essentialist_blog_senskins.4the_essentialist_blog_senskins.3the_essentialist_blog_senskinsDon’t forget to follow SENSKINS on Instagram Xx Nadine

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