Five Minutes with Sally Spratt from The Lust List

January 12, 2014
Sally Spratt The Lust List 9

I came across Sally Spratt aka @_thelustlist_ on Instagram – where else? And immediately fell in love with her illustrations and of course the lust worthy items she so beautifully depicts in her latest project The Lust List. A daily curation of luxury items that Spratt covets and draws with the mantra “If I can’t have them, I’ll draw them.” The project began as a hobby between her freelance design jobs and after receiving a “huge response on Instagram and Tumblr, and having so much fun creating all of the illustrations, [Spratt] decided to keep going, and turn it into a permanent fixture.”

Sally Sprat

Coming from a graphic design background and having worked for the likes of Bassike – how amazing – Spratt incorporates both her skill sets in her work. The illustrator in her allows her drawings to be fluid  and she says the process of illustrating is quite “therapeutic”and then you can clearly see the graphic designer  in  her when looking at the immaculate detailing in each of her drawings.

What really drew me to Spratt’s work, other than the beautiful items, was the fact that like her and most people, I could not afford all these incredible luxury items. With fashion being so disposal and trends so fleeting I could 100% relate to the fact that “having a lust list to ponder allows for a considered buy… or at least having slice of the (fashion) pie in the form of an illustration.” Spratt was lovely enough to create a Lust List especially for me (the first picture) of the Chanel Boy bag that I have been dreaming of for years!

Sally Spratt The Lust List 2 Sally Spratt The Lust List 3Spratt’s inspiration for her Lust Lists mostly comes from reading fashion blogs and from her pin board which is covered in pictures of products and places she is lusting after. When asked whose wardrobe she could draw for days and lusts the most, she named Christine Centenera, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us & Sara Donaldson from Harper & Harley.

Sally Spratt The Lust List 5 Sally Spratt The Lust List 6Sally Spratt The Lust List 4 Sally Spratt The Lust List 7 Sally Spratt The Lust List 8Over the last few months Spratt has garnered an incredible following and generated a lot of interest around the world in a very short period of time, and is now part of Roxy Jacenko’s Ministry of Talent. We can expect a lot more great things to come from this talented lady, so make sure to follow her on Instagram on @_thelustlist_

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