Five Minutes with Artist Francesca Gnagnarella

May 29, 2015
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Fields, Oceans and Sunsets is a collaborative exhibition between Perth artist Francesca Gnagnarella and Bridgetown based resin artist Todd Cleave. Cleave created an exclusive range of functional resin art based on Gnagnarella’s new collection of paintings, that have been inspired by the beauty and vibrant colours of nature.

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The colour palette of the collection consists of cool blue-green ocean tones, deep reds and oranges of sunrise and sunsets and the amber and browns of the earth. Each piece Cleave creates is unique and impossible to recreate, as the paint and resin mixes and settles in a unique way every time, creating a range of ethereal swirls and colour gradients.

Adding an even more interesting appeal to the artwork, the colours within the pieces change depending on what light they’re in, further resembling the complexity of colour within nature.

the essentialist blog 4 the essentialist blog 5 the essentialist blog 7 the essentialist blog 8 the essentialist blog 9 the essentialist blog 11 the essentialist blog 20 the essentialist blogIf you would like your very own piece from the Fields, Oceans and Sunsets exhibition you can shop the collection online here. I’ve welcomed a beautiful aqua blue plate that is currently housing delicate jewellery and trinkets. Xx Nadine

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