WOOD by Ross Potter

October 25, 2016

Fremantle-based visual artist Ross Potter is best known for his detailed sketches of Fremantle’s iconic buildings, but for his latest exhibition entitled WOOD Potter turns his attention to the organic world. The exhibition explores finding and appreciating beauty in the most unexpected and simplest forms and was inspired by a small twig given to Potter by his two-year-old nephew. In this exhibition Potter pushes the scale of his graphite on watercolour paper works to amplify the intricate details found on the twigs and branches that are often overlooked. With one artwork measuring six meters long and taking over 150 hours to complete, WOOD will not only mesmerise you for the incredible detail Potter presents but also delivers a new sense of appreciation for all things small. The photos simply do not do these artworks justice, so I encourage you to go discover them for yourself.

The exhibition is showing at PS Art Space Fremantle from 16th – 30th October.

ross-potter-wood-the-essentialist-blog ross-potter-wood-the-essentialist-blog ross-potter-wood-the-essentialist-blog ross-potter-wood-the-essentialist-blogross-potter-wood-the-essentialist-blogross-potter-wood-the-essentialist-blog I hope you get the opportunity to visit the exhibition and would love to hear your thoughts. Xx Nadine

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