TPFF 2016 Empire Rose

October 3, 2016

Mesmerised and enthused is the best way to describe how I felt at this year’s Empire Rose show at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. The setting alone had me giddy, with a canopy of vintage bulbs and coloured globes suspended over the catwalk, as an ode to TV’s newest cult show Stranger Things. Models with wispy cotton hair were adorned in sequin bomber jackets, vintage band tees, clashing prints and sparkly Swarovski encrusted veils created by Reny Kestel. Designer Kathryn Cizeika outdid herself yet again fusing 70s grunge rock with her iconic sports luxe aesthetic, in the most magical and theatrical way which earned her a standing ovation. The ladies in the audience were also treated to a special surprise with a pack of shirtless men in sequin embellished pants carrying smoking lanterns, scroll down and feast your eyes!

tpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogtpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blog tpff-empire-rose-the-essentialist-blogAll photos taken by me

A special mention goes to the talented people who sometimes don’t get recognised for their efforts but I really had to mention the incredible styling by Zara Bryson and amazing Production by Emma Bergmeier-Varian – best show to date! Stay tuned for more Telstra Perth Fashion Festival updates. Xx Nadine

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