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September 19, 2015
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I love student runway shows for the abundance of creativity they generate, as they don’t have to think of the commercial constraints that come with their designs. This creative freedom is always exciting to watch so I was thrilled to document Polytechnic West’s first solo show for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, SIGNature.

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SIGNature “was a chance to show that you can transform waste into something beautiful” old cloths and vinyl banners from local organisations and councils like the City of Perth, Tourism WA and the Alliance Francaise were upcycled and transformed to create beautiful couture pieces. The project was a fantastic opportunity to showcase “exceptional sustainable edge, highlighting a vision of collaboration and partnership.” I was blown away that although each designer had the same brief and a similar material, each piece that came down the runway was so vastly different.

One of my favourite pieces (above) was created by the talented Jessica Jones, whose designs I had already fallen in love with at The Umbra Collective and who Lei Lei and I have collaborated with on a special project – coming soon! This is what Jessica had to say about her piece “I was drawn to the idea of turning man-made material into an imitation of something found in nature, specifically bird feathers. I wanted to experiment with dyeing and manipulating the banners into feathers, as an alternative to using less sustainable resources.”

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!the essentialist blog 3the essentialist blog 4 the essentialist blog 6the essentialist blog 11the essentialist blog 10the essentialist blog 7the essentialist blog 14 the essentialist blog

Polytecnic West’s graduating students from the Centre for Fashion fashion show; Nucleo Collective will be held on 24 November. I highly recommend you keep this date free in your calendar as last year’s show revealed some of my favourite new designers including Rosemaree White! Xx Nadine

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