Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Empire Rose

September 17, 2015

Every year I think Empire Rose have out done themselves and every year I’m wrong! In 2013 they had a dog on the runway, last year they had wild birds including owls and falcons (see here) and this year they spun the classic format of a runway show with an ode to twins, while also whisking us away to Paris!

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As models strutted down the runway in twos, like mirror images – also bearing designer Kathryn Cizeika’s iconic up do, the killer French tunes and ever changing Parisian landscape took us on a sensory journey which made the show even more exciting! Empire Rose’s signature relaxed but luxurious street wear style was complemented with sultry lingerie designed by one of my favourites; Rosemaree White.

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The show presented a beautiful mix of designs easily adaptable to every occasion and with everyone’s taste in mind. From their iconic drop crotch pants, to the relaxed shirt bearing a beautiful embellished bralette through to delicate flowing dresses adorned in lace and statement sequin gowns. The entire show was enthralling with continuous surprises including the showcasing of menswear, modelled by some very handsome bearded men – which was very well received by the audience! The closing looks pulled at everyones heart strings when the late Heath Ledge’s twin nieces Rorie and Scarlett walked down the runway with the two brides (#lovewins) to Carla Bruni’s iconic song ‘Quelqu’un m’a dit’. It was an absolutely beautiful way to end such a spectacular show and the bar has been set very high for the rest of the festival!

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I hope you enjoyed my first post about Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, there will be lots more to come so don’t forget to subscribe! Xx Nadine

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