Pippa Mcmanus ‘Appliqué Rave’ Collection

May 18, 2016

When Pippa Mcmanus first released a sneak peek on Instagram of her up-coming collection, I knew it was going to be absolutely mind-blowing! One of the many things I love about her work is that she is so true to her style and aesthetic, which translates into every piece she creates. It’s not easy as an artist to continue to surprise, marvel and captivate your audience, however Mcmanus always does and her new collection ‘Appliqué Rave‘ is even more breathtaking than I first envisaged.

'Sable Ballet' by Pippa McManus LOW

After a tough end to 2015 and a tougher start to 2016 Mcmanus was “left feeling pretty flat about painting” something she had never experienced before. But as the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Couture shows took over her Instagram and Facebook feeds inspiration started flooding in. “I started wearing my crazy clothes, not just collecting them, and as I started mentally filing away beautiful faces and incredible designs I noticed a theme.”

“I’ve always said if I weren’t a fashion illustrator I would be sitting in a little design studio somewhere beading and embroidering incredible clothing till my fingers bleed and I go blind.” Fitting that the collection of 6 original pieces and limited edition prints were inspired by some of the incredible detailing techniques she saw on the runway at Elie Sabb, Marchesa and Gucci, most of which were intense appliqué. Mcmanus has so beautifully and masterfully captured the intricate detailing of these techniques that I cannot even fathom how she had the patience and time to bring these ladies so beautifully to life, my mind has officially been blown!

Indigo_Moon_final_grande'Velvet Goldmine' by Pippa McManus LOW

All original paintings and prints from’Appliqué Rave‘ are available for purchase now, see them all here and feast yours eyes! In the mean time I’ll be negotiating with Mr P to let me add some more fashion art to our walls! Xx Nadine

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