Jarrad Seng – Alltervatn

October 9, 2013

Jarrad Seng has already made his mark as a multi talented photographer, delving into the music scene and collaborating with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Matt Corby as well as sharing his passion for travel and authentic experiences as seen in his first solo exhibition in 2011 “Portraits of Tanzania”. This time around Jarrad turned his photography into works of art with his exhibition Alltervatn, an aerial depiction of Iceland’s most spectacular scenery.

jarrad-seng-alltervatn-the-essentialist-blog4On a recent vacation to Iceland, Seng spontaneously decided to hire a light aircraft and scouted the Icelandic seacoast in search for its iconic volcanic rivers and lava wastelands. Hanging out of the plane he was able to capture some of the most mesmerising and striking images of nature at its finest! From a distance Seng’s photographs are reminiscent of abstract oil paintings with their fluidity and incredible colour ways, however once you start examining each individual photograph the vast amount of initially unseen detail, including scattered rocks and riverbanks become apparent and enthuse the viewers eye to discover more!

jarrad-seng-alltervatn-the-essentialist-blog9jarrad-seng-alltervatn-the-essentialist-blog6jarrad-seng-alltervatn-the-essentialist-blog7jarrad-seng-alltervatn-the-essentialist-blog5jarrad-seng-alltervatn-the-essentialist-blog8Alltervatn opens today to the public at Feast Your Eyes’ new outpost at the old Myer building, now renamed MYRE, which is Fremantle’s new creative hub. The exhibition is open from 9th October – 3rd November, from Wednesdays – Sundays from 10am-6pm.

My photos of the exhibition, do not in any way do these master pieces justice, so you’ll have to go see the exhibition for yourself and let me know what you think! Xx Nadine

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