Detached Perspective by Anya Brock

March 18, 2016

Iconic for her brightly coloured figurative paintings and striking murals around Perth and Sydney, WA artist Anya Brock will be pursuing new creative styles through Anya Brock Capsulea series of experimental capsule collections. Detached Perspective, is the first of her new body of work showcasing at PS Art Space Fremantle and explores expressive mark making and “complete abstraction”. The new series marks a clear departure from her original work, with a sophisticated palette of tones blues and fluid brush strokes created using various techniques.

Brock’s recent move back from Sydney to her home town of Fremantle, sparked the move to create this capsule collection.“After growing up and learning to create in such an isolated city, I found the fast pace of Sydney to be quite restrictive on my work. Since moving home to Fremantle, I’ve been able to find space, both physically and psychologically, to create a body of pure abstract work,” says Brock.The_Essentialist_Blog_Anya_Brock_Detached_Perspective2

Detached Perspective is both mesmerising and emotive, and PSAS’s bright warehouse space and exposed brick walls are the perfect backdrop for this visually stimulating exhibition. If you don’t have the opportunity to see the exhibition at PSAS, all the pieces are available for viewing on Brock’s website here – my favourite piece from the collection is the one below, Absorbing Fear with Narrative (Diptych).




The_Essentialist_Blog_Anya_Brock_Detached_Perspective7  Exhibition details:

When: March 12th – 26th, Tue-Sun, 11am-4pm, closed Sat 19 March and Sun 20 March

Where: PS Art Space in Fremantle

Xx Nadine

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