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July 2016


The Love Thread Project – Dream Without Limits

July 27, 2016

Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to pursue and achieve our dreams but sadly this is not everyone’s reality. The Love Thread Project is a Perth based social enterprise founded and run by some of the most inspiring and creative Perth minds and aims to empower and educate women at risk so that they have the opportunity to change their future and #DreamWithoutLimits. By now most of you would know that I am a strong supporter of social enterprisers and any…

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Anna Gare’s Saffron Pears in Cider

July 12, 2016

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Detail I had the honour to meet several of Australia’s best Chef’s, including the wonderful Anna Gare at an exclusive lunch at Lakeside Joondalup ahead of the Good Food & Wine Show. While I love food and am obsessed with cooking shows – Chef’s Table and Master Chef anyone? I don’t exactly enjoy the process of cooking and baking. However one of the take aways from the lunch was a recipe for Anna Gare’s Saffron Pears in Cider or as…

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What’s Happening: July

July 4, 2016

Even though winter is in full swing, July is still jam-packed – excuse the pun – with a lot of fun weather appropriate activities! It’s the perfect time to cosy-up and see a foreign film, tantalise those tastebuds at the Good Food & Wine Show and a whole lot more. Read on to see what’s happening this month in Perth. The Good Food & Wine Show Part 1: Celebrity chefs cook up a storm at Lakeside Joondalup When: Thursday 7th July Where: Lakeside…

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