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April 2016


Wholistically Healthy

April 20, 2016

Those who know me will agree that I love food and the social aspect of entertaining but that I despise the cooking process, and sadly Mr.P feels the same. It’s time consuming, repetitive – for us as we stick to what we know is easy and tasty, and doing the dishes after all that is the ultimate chore! All in all I am the perfect target market for delivery meal businesses but being a pescatarian means there are very few…

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Visit Albany

April 11, 2016

For the Easter long-weekend my close group of friends decided it would be a fun idea to go camping and visit Albany. This was my first camping trip and let’s be honest I’m definitely more of the glamping type! The weather forecast was rain, thunder storms, more rain and cold temperatures – everything I had been wishing for except for sleeping in a tent! Turns out I did not pack the appropriate clothes or shoes – probably not a good idea to bring I Love Mr…

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What’s Happening: April

April 3, 2016

Even though the weather is cooling you’ll be happy to know that there is no shortage of things to do in April! You will find me mostly at the State Buildings eating my heart out at their many events and then working it off with a week of free yoga at COMO Shambhala. Getting inspired by the many cultural and creative festivals and exhibitions around Perth and then finding some time to start working on the interior design of our new home with…

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